Who We AreDonna Rumbold

Donna came to Portugal on vacation, fell in love with the country, and has made it her home.  Knowing little about Portugal, she was enchanted on arrival, and set out to learn, see and get to know the country.  She finds the country amazingly diverse with respect to terrain, people, gastronomy and culture; and the history and sociology fascinating.  She takes every opportunity available to explore it further, and is thrilled and excited for every opportunity to introduce someone new to Portugal.  As a non-Portuguese, Donna has a unique perspective that she brings to her tours as an outsider, yet also an insider –   living locally, yet with a perspective of what a non-Portuguese would really appreciate.

Donna has over 30 years in the hospitality, travel and tourism business.  Before coming to Portugal she worked in luxury hotels in Washington, DC, where she was in charge of putting together very high end special events.   From weddings to political and fundraising functions which included Heads of State, the President, First Ladies, celebrities and the like.  Before her career in the hotels, Donna worked, lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe having studied at the universities in Strasbourg, France and in Siena, Italy, backpacked through Europe, traveled through Africa and Patagonia, guided luxury bicycle tours in France, and lived in Italy, Korea and throughout the US.   Her passions are travel, getting to know the global village, food and wine, history, and being active in nature.  She loves being able to use her knowledge from this combination of exploring, guiding, background in fine food and wine, traveling independently and with tour operators, to put together very special experiences (event or tour) tailored to a clients’ interests and passions.

She welcomes the chance to work with you to put together a tour designed for your interests, in the way you like to travel, and to include the unique and special things that she has discovered in this wonderful country.